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Ameriie is a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, producer, writer of fiction, and a beauty, style, and lifestyle connoisseur. The daughter of a Korean artist and an American military officer, she was born in Massachusetts, raised all over the world, and graduated from Georgetown University with a bachelor’s in English. Known for her electrifying vocals, charismatic live performances, and trademark fusion of musical influences, Ameriie continues to set trends while defying categorization. Ameriie released Drive in May 2016, which was hailed by Rolling Stone as one of 2016’s best R&B albums. Her forthcoming villain anthology Because You Love to Hate Me will be published by Bloomsbury in July 2017.


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I’m a sharer.

Whenever I find something that I love, I can’t help but want to share it with everyone–including strangers. I’ve thrust great books into the hands of new acquaintances, gushed with girlfriends over my latest beauty find, and hipped my sister to the latest nutrition news. And you know the girl that always gets stuck doing everyone else’s makeup until she has only ten minutes to get ready herself? Yep. That’s me. In interviews, I’m often asked about my skincare and haircare routines, my makeup, my style, and my fitness regimen. I began my channel to share with you all of that and more. ^_~  



I write because I must write.

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. I began at the age of seven, stories of fairies and pirates and witches and phantoms. (My pirates were always female and always “impetuous” because to seven-year-old me, that was the coolest thing a girl could be. Cue to the time I stuck a crayon up each nostril and, somehow forgetting myself for a moment, sniffed a bit too hard.)

There are a few commonalities to my writing: an obvious love for the fantastical, whether it be science-fiction or fantasy or somewhere between; an exploration of morality and ethics, good and evil, and wondering if any of these even exist; and mostly, I do my best to examine the greatest conflict there is, as Faulkner (and the great George R.R. Martin) put it: “the human heart in conflict with itself.” No matter how exotic the set dressing, at the core of every great story are very real human beings–real emotion and conflict. Somewhere between the lines we read, there we are.

So yes, I write because I must write. But I also write to find myself.